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Teamwork and Smiles: Capt. Dave Holloway’s 20 Years of Service at Canton Township Fire Department

Teamwork and Smiles: Capt. Dave Holloway’s 20 Years of Service at Canton Township Fire Department

by | Nov 13, 2023

Capt. Dave Holloway is a respected Canton Township firefighter who has dedicated 20 years to serving the community with excellence. He works on educating children on fire safety and prevention while still finding some time for rest with a good book. His favorite, The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, serves as a reminder of an equal passion for both leadership and teamwork: a quality that pays off during even the toughest fires or rescues. Moreover, Capt. Holloway’s determination never wavers throughout the challenging emergencies and adjusting protocols posed by the current pandemic.

Captain Dave Holloway: A Dedicated Firefighter

Captain Dave Holloway has proudly served as a Canton Township firefighter for 20 years, and it’s obvious that he loves his job. As he left the library, two families with kids shyly approached him. He welcomed them with a beaming smile and invited them to sit in the fire truck while their delighted parents snapped photos of the ecstatic children.

Hailing from Westland, Holloway had been heavily involved in team sports during his school years, which undoubtedly helped shape his decision to become a firefighter. His team sports experience is evident in his work with the township fire department, where his skills are continuously put to use.

At the start of his career in 2007, he was awarded Canton Firefighter of the Year and continues to serve the community with distinction. He frequently visits schools to educate kids on fire safety and prevention and will be hosting a series of events throughout October in celebration of Fire Safety and Prevention Month.

When Holloway isn’t fighting fires or doing outreach, he enjoys some well-deserved downtime with a good book. His favorite novel is The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, and he can often be found curled up with it in his armchair.

Staying Up to Date with Protocols

The crew of Canton Fire Department, led by Capt. Holloway is dedicated to staying up to date with all protocols to provide the best service possible. With the ever-changing protocols due to the pandemic, they have met the challenge head-on and adapted accordingly. In addition to fighting fires, eating together, checking the trucks, taking classes, and attending EMS calls, Capt. Holloway and his team take the time to stay informed of the latest protocols. This dedication ensures that the crew can serve their community to the best of their ability.

Bravely Facing Challenges

Canton Township’s firefighters are an extraordinary group of men and women who bravely face many physical and mental challenges in service of their community. Statistics show that one firefighter per day commits suicide, which highlights the toll on their mental health that the job can take. On Thursday, August 24th, 2023, the department was faced with an especially intense day, fielding 82 calls in 24 hours and dealing with massive flooding and a tornado. Despite this, the firefighters remain strong and resilient, and most days are not as taxing as that shift was.

Smoke Detector Maintenance

During Fire Safety and Prevention Month, Capt. Holloway encourages families to take the necessary steps to ensure their safety in case of a fire. He advises that smoke detectors should have their batteries changed twice a year with Daylight Savings Time, and that sleeping with bedroom doors closed can buy precious time if a fire occurs. Additionally, he suggests establishing a designated meeting place for everyone in the household outside of the home, such as a tree in the backyard or a mailbox, so firefighters know when they arrive that all persons are safely out of the home.

Carbon monoxide detectors should also be installed on each floor of the house to alert of unsafe levels in the air. By having a family safety plan and regularly practicing it, families can help protect themselves from the dangers of fire.

Captain Dave Holloway is a great example of how dedication and commitment can shape a meaningful career. Having worked in the Canton Township Fire Department for 20 years repeatedly winning firefighter of the year, he continues to protect the people of Westland as well as outreach to kids in schools to educate them on fire safety and prevention. He has not only represented himself admirably through the demanding role of a firefighter but also bands together an inspiring team of professionals who push each other further every day. Whether it’s educating the younger generation, fighting fires around the township, or adjusting protocols in a pandemic, Captain Holloway does it all with the same vigor aspiring firefighters look up to.

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