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Saving Lives Through Car Seat Inspections: The Canton Fire Department’s Commitment

Saving Lives Through Car Seat Inspections: The Canton Fire Department’s Commitment

by | Jun 26, 2023

The Canton Fire Department is dedicated to promoting the safety of children through car seat inspections

Car Seat Inspections During COVID

The Canton Fire Department is proud to be able to provide car seat inspections and ensure the safety of children in the area. Car seat certified inspectors help caregivers learn how to properly install their child and infant car seats, which can be a lifesaving measure. Fire Inspector Nichole Hamilton has seen many cases where the seat was installed incorrectly and is happy to work with people to show them how to reinstall it correctly.

Families across the nation have become more aware of the importance of avoiding hard plastic car seat accessories, such as child mirrors to keep an eye on young passengers. Many manufacturers provide helpful car seat installation videos online, however if families wish to be extra sure of the quality of their installation, they can find a car seat-certified inspector by clicking here.

Progress in Car Seat Safety

As an emergency physician with over 30 years of experience, it is remarkable to see the progress made in car seat safety. In the early days of the profession, there were still occasional automobile accidents involving unrestrained children. Fortunately, thanks to improved car seats and increased awareness, the number of such incidents has greatly decreased.

Protective Power of Car Seats

Witnessing the power of car seats in action over the recent decades has been an incredibly encouraging experience. It is not uncommon to see adults involved in serious automobile accidents, yet accompanied by a child who was properly restrained and entirely unharmed. A particularly memorable case was that of a car with two restrained adults, which was involved in a high-speed rollover accident; yet the child remained unscathed. The difference between this outcome and those of previous eras, when children could be tossed around like rag dolls or even ejected from vehicles, is striking and undeniable.

It is evident that car seats are a powerful tool for protecting children on the road, and when used correctly, can make all the difference.

Car seat safety is of the utmost importance in preventing injury and death. Fire Inspector Nichole Hamilton and other trained professionals are available to help families ensure their child’s car seat is properly installed. With the advent of online helpful resources and certified inspectors, families now have more sources for accurate information. The Canton Fire Department takes pride in their ability to modernize and protect their community, even during difficult times. With these lifelines, parents can rest assured that their child is safety secured and protected.

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