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Maximizing Grocery Savings: Expert Tips from Meijer Dietician Beth Eggleston

Maximizing Grocery Savings: Expert Tips from Meijer Dietician Beth Eggleston

by | Apr 26, 2023

Beth Eggleston, Meijer Dietician, is sharing her knowledge that can help shoppers maximize their grocery savings by providing insight into ways to rethink their approach. With tips and tricks to stretch the food dollar and slow down in preparation and planning of trips, customers can experience sticker shock relief when tackling the grocery store.

Maximizing Grocery Savings with Beth Eggleston

CANTON, Mich. – With inflation taking a toll on pocketbooks and wallets, savvy shoppers are turning to experts for advice in order to get the most bang for their buck when grocery shopping. Beth Eggleston, Meijer Dietician, recently took time to demonstrate how customers can rethink their approach to grocery shopping at the Canton Meijer store. Her wealth of knowledge is helping to provide insight into ways to maximize grocery savings. By making a study of these tips and tricks, customers can experience sticker shock relief during their next visit to the store.

“It takes some work to stretch your food dollar,” Eggleston proudly stated, “but with the right preparation and planning, you can get the most out of every grocery visit.” Her first piece of advice is to slow down, take a step back and create an effective plan before ever grabbing the cart.

7 Tips for Saving Money on Groceries
1. Make a List: Before you go grocery shopping, make a list of all the items that you need. This will help you stay focused and prevent you from buying unnecessary items.
2. Compare Prices: Take the time to compare prices between different stores to find the best deals.
3. Buy in Bulk: If you know that you’ll use a lot of a certain item, it may be worth it to buy it in bulk. You can often save money by purchasing larger quantities.
4. Take Advantage of Coupons: Whether it’s paper coupons or digital coupons, taking advantage of discounts can help you save some money.
5. Buy Generic Brands: Generic brands are often cheaper than name brand products, so consider switching to generic items if you want to save some money.
6. Eat Before Shopping: Grocery shopping when you’re hungry can lead to impulse purchases, so try to eat before you go shopping.
7. Use Cash Instead of Credit: Paying with cash

Discover 7 simple yet effective tips to help you save money on your next grocery shopping trip! With a little bit of planning, you can make sure that you are getting the best value for your money.

Start by comparison shopping the sales fliers and creating a list based on the sale items. Refrain from impulse buying unless it is a great deal, and remember to have a snack or even a meal before going in. Make room in your refrigerator freezer for things you can freeze and use later, and stock up on staples like eggs, milk, cheese, frozen vegetables, etc. that will help generate meals out of leftovers. Explore different vegetable proteins, like beans, legumes, eggs, and unflavored yogurt, which are more budget-friendly than ground beef. Store brands are also significantly less expensive, so experiment with them to find the best ones for your taste. With these tips, you can make sure that you save money while stocking up on groceries!

Beth made a great suggestion while wheeling down the Canton Meijer frozen grocery aisle that proved to be very helpful. She suggested that choosing frozen fruits and vegetables, even if they weren’t in season, was a great way to stretch one’s food budget. Surprisingly, she went on to explain that these items are often healthier than fresh options because frozen produce is flash frozen at its peak of freshness, thus preserving all of its vital nutrients.

Therefore, Beth Eggleston is proud to offer her recipe for Lentil Shakshuka as a valuable resource to help you succeed in your endeavor.

Grocery shopping can be a challenge, especially when it comes to finding the best value for your money. Luckily, with the right preparation and planning, savvy shoppers canavoid costly items and maximize their savings at the store. Beth Eggleston’s wealth of information has offered several tips that can help grocery shoppers uncover ways to make s ome sticker shock relief easier. Utilizing these tips and tricks will ensure even the most budget-minded person walks out of the store without feeling ripped off. With such tips in hand, no grocer needs worry about getting the most bang for their buck any longer.

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