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Harness Racing Track Approval on the Horizon for Plymouth Township!

Harness Racing Track Approval on the Horizon for Plymouth Township!

by | Jun 14, 2023

Excitement around the potential addition of Northville Downs of Plymouth Township to the local community is growing, with the Plymouth Township Board of Trustees set to meet next month to officially approve plans for a new harness racing track estimated at approximately $25 million. Residents of Plymouth-Canton have been keeping up to date with the news from Patch and attending meetings to express their thoughts both for and against the presence of a racetrack in the community. At a recent meeting, longstanding residents prompted those present to be considerate of the community and potential pitfalls of gambling.

The residents of Plymouth Township are thrilled to learn that Northville Downs of Plymouth Township, a new harness racing track, could be officially approved by the Plymouth Township Board of Trustees as soon as its June 27 meeting. The facility, estimated at around $25 million, would be built on part of a 128-acre parcel near Five Mile and Ridge Roads and would include a grandstand, main building, large patio, and horse barn. The plans were unanimously approved by the Plymouth Township Planning Commission, bringing this exciting development one step closer to reality.

Traffic Concerns Addressed by Township Officials

Plymouth-Canton residents can stay informed and up to date with the latest news from Patch. Township officials have reassured the community of their commitment to addressing traffic concerns, citing a township study that’s available on the website. The meeting also provided an opportunity for longtime residents to express their thoughts about the legitimacy of gambling at the track, though some voiced their disagreement with its presence in the community.

Residents Voice Concerns Over New Racetrack

Residents of Plymouth-Canton are proud to stay informed on the latest news and events with free, real-time updates from Patch. At a recent meeting, one resident expressed their disapproval of a new racetrack in the area and cited potential issues with gambling. Another resident, who had grown up around Northville Downs, reminded all present to be considerate of the community and to take into account the potential anger of those who may lose money at the new facility.

Officials responded by reassuring the public that they are taking their time with the approval process and there are no plans to build a casino at the proposed racetrack site. Northville Downs has been an integral part of the city since 1944, and locals are proud to be able to keep the legacy alive.

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The future of Northville Downs in Plymouth Township remains uncertain. Local residents are both hopeful and hesitant; eager to welcome an exciting new development in the area, yet anxious about its impacts on traffic patterns and gambling. As township officials move forward with approving plans for the $25 million harness racing facility, they should ensure a focus on causes for potential concern that have been expressed by the community so as to maintain positive relationships among all parties involved.

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