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Exploring Soft Parade Vodka at Iron Fish: A Craft Beverage Experience in Michigan

Exploring Soft Parade Vodka at Iron Fish: A Craft Beverage Experience in Michigan

by | May 17, 2023

Iron Fish Distillery, located in Thompsonville and near the banks of the Betsie River, is a unique farm-to-table distillery born from an adventurous birthday excursion to Scotland. The distillery lords over a Steelhead trout-protected environment and draws in cidery-goers wanting a sample of their acclaimed handcrafted vodka for Short’s Brewery’s renowned Soft Parade. Elizabeth and Morgan recently sampled the product at Iron Fish Traverse City and have some delicious cocktail recipes to share. It’s a fantastic experience, from Michigan craft beverages to nature’s treasured Steelhead trout!

Elizabeth and Morgan are thrilled to be hosting Craft & Barrel, which focuses on the importance of craft beverages in Michigan and the experiences drinkers can have. As a popular beer from Short’s Brewery, Soft Parade has been making waves with news of its limited edition vodka. Elizabeth and Morgan couldn’t help but take a trip to Iron Fish in Traverse City to see the product for themselves and share the history of the Thompsonville distillery, along with some delicious cocktail recipes. Here’s to an amazing experience! Cheers! 🍻

The Beloved Steelhead Trout

Iron Fish Distillery comes from the beloved Steelhead trout that swim in the Betsie River, which runs along Iron Fish’s farm. The Steelhead trout is featured on the distillery’s logo, and it is a species of Michigan fish with an impressive life expectancy of four to six years and the ability to grow up to 20 lbs. This beloved species is classified as endangered by the National Wildlife Federation. The Betsie River, 54 miles long and located 30 miles south of Traverse City, is a popular destination for fly fishers due to its abundance of Steelhead trout and Chinook salmon.

Bringing a Unique Soil-to-Spirit Distillery to Life

Iron Fish Distillery: A Dream Realized
The Anderson brothers envisioned turning their farm into an ambitious farm-to-table distillery, and in 2016, that dream became a reality. Iron Fish Distillery is located in Thompsonville, just 10 minutes from Crystal Mountain Ski Resort, and is the only soil-to-spirit establishment in the area. From the grain grown on the farm to the handcrafted spirits produced in the distillery, Iron Fish Distillery offers visitors a truly unique experience.

The Anderson brothers had a novel idea for a distillery when they were on a birthday vacation in Scotland in the early 2010s. Two years later, Iron Fish Distillery was brought to life as the Anderson brothers decided to transform their farm into an ambitious farm-to-table distillery. In Thompsonville, just 10 minutes from Crystal Mountain Ski Resort, Iron Fish Distillery proudly opened its doors in 2016, making it a unique soil-to-spirit establishment.

The 120 acres of farmland have been meticulously maintained to ensure the highest quality wheat and rye used in the spirits. Iron Fish Distillery proudly follows sustainable farming practices, with no spray or chemicals on their crops, even though they don’t have an organic certification. Dominique Gentle, who manages end destination operations, is proud of the progress and believes the crops continue to improve yearly.

Iron Fish has enjoyed collaborating with their next-door neighbor, a local organic corn farmer, to create different spirit blends. They look forward to more collaborations, especially after a new law signed in July 2022 will provide a tax break to Michigan beverage companies and farmers.

Iron Fish has enjoyed a successful collaboration with its next-door neighbor, a local organic corn farmer, to create unique spirit blends. This partnership is just the start of many more, especially after a new law was signed in July 2022 to provide tax breaks to Michigan beverage companies and farmers. Iron Fish looks forward to further collaborations that this law will bring.

Soft Parade Vodka – A Collaboration Between Iron Fish Distillery and Short’s Brewery

On May 1, Iron Fish Distillery and Short’s Brewery are thrilled to release their limited edition collaboration: Soft Parade vodka. This unique partnership has been in the works for over a year and features fruit-infused vodka made with the same ingredients as the famous Soft Parade Beer. The result is an incredibly smooth vodka that boasts subtle notes of strawberries, blackberries, and raspberries. Be sure to pick up a bottle or two when it hits Michigan store shelves!

To celebrate the launch, the two companies are hosting a particular release party at Iron Fish Distillery in Thompsonville on April 28. Joe Short will sign the first 72 bottles sold, so take advantage of it!

Iron Fish Distillery’s Soft Parade vodka is not only gluten-free but also available exclusively in Michigan at select retailers. To make finding their products easier for customers, Iron Fish Distillery responded to a comment asking about what Metro Detroit stores might have on their shelves by saying, “Try Busch’s Market.” Several Busch’s Fresh Food Markets are throughout the area, including Rochester Hills, West Bloomfield, Farmington Hills, Livonia, Canton Township, and more.

Delight Your Taste Buds

Iron Fish Distillery and Short’s proudly present a curated selection of the finest cocktail recipes. Whether you’re looking for something creative or just a classic with a twist, this collection has it all. Crafted from the finest ingredients, these drinks will delight your taste buds.

Iron Fish Distillery is an incredible example of the innovation and ambition that Michigan natives can have. By marrying the best local crafting techniques with a passion for sustainable farming, the Anderson brothers have created a destination for craft beverage fans from across the state and beyond to enjoy artisanal products and a unique experience celebrating the region’s natural beauty. Focusing on locally sourced ingredients and craftsmanship fosters an inspiring, sustainable ecosystem in Michigan, where craft beer, local spirits, and good times come together. Cheers to the burgeoning ecosystem of craft beverages that continues to thrive due to establishments like Iron Fish and the avid drinkers who recognize and support their success.

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