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Canton Public Library: Developing Confidence and English Skills in Canton Families with Young Kids

Canton Public Library: Developing Confidence and English Skills in Canton Families with Young Kids

by | Aug 18, 2023

For families with young children in Canton, there are excellent resources for learning and practicing English skills. Plymouth-Canton Community Schools, the Canton Public Library, and a wide selection of other programs offer a multitude of creative opportunities to harness―or improve on―language abilities. With audiobooks offering adjustable speech speed and stories designed to be enjoyed alongside the spoken word, both parents and children can explore a whole new world of cultural proficiency through engaging activities while having fun together.

Plymouth-Canton Community Schools

Families with young kids in Canton who are interested in practicing their English have plenty of options. Plymouth-Canton Community Schools offers resources on their ELL website for enrolled families, and there are a variety of programs available to all. Storytimes throughout the year give families the chance to be immersed in language together, while other program listings offer opportunities to engage with peers in a friendly environment. With these resources, children can gain confidence and acquire the skills they need to succeed.

Audiobooks Available at Canton Public Library

Canton Public Library offers audiobooks in a variety of formats, including e-audiobooks with adjustable speed settings, read-along titles, books on CD, and Wonder books. E-audiobooks on Libby and Hoopla are an excellent choice for families as the speed can be adjusted to their preferred rate, while read-along titles offer the added benefit of highlighting words along with the narration. For an immersive experience, books on CD are ideal and Wonderbooks combine print books with an audio player to read aloud as you turn the pages.

The international language collection has a wide selection of books in various languages, and bilingual books that include English. Check out the library’s catalog for an impressive list of foreign language books and start building language skills today!

Online Language Resources

Canton Public Library proudly offers two online language resources for kids of reading age with familiarity with their home language. Mango Languages allows them to learn a new language with fun and interactive lessons, including important cultural contexts and realistic conversations. Pronunciator, covering more than 160 languages, including many ESL courses, is also available. Additionally, Duolingo, Learning Chocolate, and Unite for Literacy are recommended by P-CCS as game-based language learning programs, providing vocabulary games and read-along options available in multiple languages. All these resources require a Canton Public Library card.

Native Speakers and Comprehensive Curriculum

At Nova Kids, we believe that learning English should be an enjoyable and rewarding experience. That’s why our online school employs native speakers from all over the world who are highly qualified in teaching the language. Our comprehensive curriculum follows the European Standards CEFR, so your child will learn the fundamentals of English as well as conversational skills in a fun and engaging way. We provide lessons for children aged 4-12, allowing them to explore and develop their ability to communicate in English.

Canton is an ideal place for families to practice English language skills. Plymouth-Canton Community Schools, Canton Public Library, and other localized resources provide a variety of avenues of experience so that kids and parents can take part together. Whether through audiobooks with adjustable speed settings, program listings to foster relationships with peers, Storytimes, bilingual books, or foreign language titles, there are opportunities at any level perfect for aiding language growth and bolstering self-confidence.

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