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Crave is Back: A Fresh Start Under New Management

Crave is Back: A Fresh Start Under New Management

by | Jun 18, 2024

Welcome to the new chapter of Crave Hot Dogs & BBQ in Canton, MI – a story that continues with an exciting turn as we reopen under new management! This isn’t just a rebranding; it’s a renaissance. Crave has always been the go-to spot for those craving authentic American comfort food, from classic hot dogs and succulent BBQ to innovative self-serve beer options. Today, we’re thrilled to start this journey, propelled by the same vision that made us a beloved staple but with fresh energy and ideas to serve you even better.

Leading the way is a passionate new owner, eager to honor Crave’s legacy while infusing the eatery with their unique flair. This dynamic shift promises to uphold the traditions that made Crave a cherished spot in Canton while introducing novel touches to enhance your dining experience. At its core, Crave remains dedicated to creating memorable meals in a welcoming atmosphere. Our commitment to quality, affordability, and community engagement stands firm, inviting you to be part of our exciting future.

Crave’s soul lies in its menu – a carefully crafted homage to American culinary classics that has captured the hearts of our patrons. Rest assured, the favorites that defined Crave are here to stay, from our signature hot dogs with their inventive twists to the melt-in-your-mouth BBQ, slow-cooked to perfection. We’ve retained the essence of what you’ve always loved about Crave, ensuring that the flavors you’ve come to crave are waiting for you at every visit. The joy of indulging in a Chicago Dog or savoring our tender brisket remains unchanged, as does our commitment to variety, including vegetarian options.

But what’s a new chapter without some exciting additions? Under new management, Crave is introducing expanded menu selections, enhancing our already diverse offerings. Whether it’s new, creative hot dog combinations, or mouthwatering additions to our BBQ lineup, there’s bound to be something to intrigue your palate. Moreover, we’re spicing up our self-serve beer wall with an even broader selection of local and craft beers, inviting you to explore and enjoy at your own pace. These updates, coupled with our ongoing community events and family-friendly atmosphere, ensure that every visit to Crave offers something new and delightful.

Join us at Crave Hot Dogs & BBQ as we embark on this exciting journey under new management. It’s not just about savoring the food you’ve always loved; it’s about creating new memories, experiencing fresh flavors, and enjoying the elevated atmosphere we’re crafting just for you. Whether you’re here for the classics, eager to explore our new offerings, or simply soaking in the vibrant, community-centric vibe, you’re always welcome at Crave. Come and discover why we’re more than a restaurant – we’re a place where every meal is an opportunity to make memories over mouthwatering meals. See you at Crave, where the grill is always hot and the beer is always cold!

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